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Welcome to Take The Lead Dog Training, We are a In-home Dog Training Service, We serve the St Augustine, Elkton, Hastings, and Flagler Estates Area. We Offer Lessons in

* Puppy Sensory Exploration Lessons

* Puppy Foundation

* Puppy Obedience

* Basic Obedience

* Basic Agility

* Conformation Show Dog Basics

* Therapy Dog

* Behavior Issues

* CGC Classes

 Here at Take The Lead we know you are Busy, So we Offer Flexible Days and Times to fit you Schedule, I am a Certified Dog Trainer / Instructor and have made Dogs my Lives work. I Opened Take The Lead to help Owners and their Dogs Build Bonds that last a Lifetime, I believe that Through Training All things are possible. We feel that we can provide a more One- on- One Basis for Training Through In Home Training then in a group setting, Some Dogs and Owners need a little extra Help that you just can't get in a Class setting.   Contact us to discover how much fun Training can be and to Develop Trust in your dog and to develop the inner Leader in You....

        Please Feel free to Browse our website and you can message us for Info on any of our Lessons, or for Available Day and Times.... 

Thanks for Stopping By...

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                                     About our Services 

Puppy Foundation Lessons

Sets the Foundation, and prepares your Puppy to Learn Future Commands. We cover Walking on Leash, Focus Training, Recognizing his Name, Not to Jump, Socializing with other Dogs and People, Field trips out in Public. We also address any issues you might be having with your New Puppy, like House Training, Mouthing, and Crate Training. We use Positive Reinforcement and Games that make Learning Fun for you and your Puppy. These Lessons are 4 weeks Long and Puppy must be at least 3-4 months old and be Current on all shots.

Basic Obedience Lessons

Cover all the Basic Commands like: Heel, Sit, Come, Wait, Stay, Leave it, Give, Take it. We only use positive Reinforcement, Games and Fun go hand and hand, we make learning fun and this allows the dog to become confident, we don't focus on the negative but reinforce the positive and by doing this learning is Fun. Obedience builds the Bonds Between you and your Dog and a team is formed life. Dog must be at Least 6 months of age and current on All Shots. These Lessons are 6 weeks long.

CGC Classes

We Offer a 6 Week CGC Class That Covers All Basic Obedience Commands that will be found in the CGC Test. We Prepare you for Taking The CGC Test on the last day of Class. We Cover SIT, HEEL, COME, STAY, DOWN, and much more. This is a Fun Class and is taught with Treats and Positive Reinforcement.
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    To Take The Lead Dog Training
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To Take The Lead Dog Training
To Take The Lead Dog Training

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