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Hi My Name is Angela Byrd,

I have extensive experience with Training both in the Show Ring and out. I have many years of Dog Behavior Experience, and can show you how to get the most from your Dog without harsh treatment. I Train with games and positive reinforcement. I can teach you how to train your Dog not only to be a great pet, but to be polite dog in public. Setting a foundation is the key to train your dog and I can show you how to achieve that. Bonds Built Through Training Lasts a Lifetime...

* 1983 - Worked for Family Drug Detection Business in Albuquerque NM.

* 1987 - Opened Grooming Business Albuquerque NM.

* 1989 - Started Showing Dogs in AKC Obedience and Conformation Shows.

* 1990 - Began my Apprenticeship Training with Kiku Kennedy Albuquerque NM.

* 1992 - Began AKC Field Trials

* 1998 - Moved to St Augustine FL.

* 2000 - Conformation Shows in both AKC and ADBA

* 2010 - Began Training for Therapy Dog Work with my Dogs

* 2011 - Became Certified Dog Trainer / Instructor

* 2013 - Became a Volunteer for Community Hospice of Northeast Florida Therapy Dog Team

* 2013 - Assisted Pat Ennis with Therapy Dog Training Classes in St Augustine FL

* 2014 - Became a Tester / Observer for Perspective Therapy Dog Teams.

* I have a Level II Background Check.

* CGC Evaluator as of October 2018

We Now can Offer CGC Training For

* Star Puppy

* Urban Canine

* Canine Good Citizen

* Community Canine

* Trick Dog Testing

Starting January 2019, Classes and Testing Will Begin. Check back for updates and Testing Days and when classes will be forming....

Demonstraiton for AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy)

September 28, 2013

I was asked to do a Demonstration For the University of St Augustine FL on Animal Assisted Therapy with my Dog Carley.

My Therapy Dog Carley

My Dog Carley was Selected to be on the Community Hospice of Northeast Florida Terapy Dog Calendar for 2014, she is featured for the month of October...

My Therapy Dog Dixie

Greeting the visitors at the Bailey's Center for Caring were she visits Patients and family members, and gives comfort to those in need...

AKC Conformation Shows

I have been Showing My Dogs in Conformation Shows since 1992, I enjoy Being a Team with my Dogs and working together to Showcase the Standard of their breed.

Therapy Dog Team

I am a Volunteer For Community Hospice of Northeast Florida, and Visit many Nursing Homes and the Bailey's Center for Caring.

Obedience Training

I Love Obedience Training, It builds a bond of Trust for me and my Dogs and makes it easier for use to communicate. It also opens up the ability to go explore all the options for us to try, like Agility, Rally, Freestyle, Dock Diving and much more.
TAKE THE LEAD Does Free Classes at the St Johns County Public Library on Dog and Puppy Care, Dog Training and Therapy Dogs.