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     Why Choose In Home Training Lessons over Traditional Group Classes. 

In Home Lessons are One on One and you can get specialized attention on issues you are having, We also can address issues you may be having like Jumping on Visitors, excessive Barking, Guarding of Food or Toys. Group Classes are just that a Group of owners and Dogs and only 1 hour to work on Traditional Obedience, There is NO time for Questions, or for a little extra help because the next class is already waiting for their Class to start, sometimes you are told to pay for a private lesson, witch is very expensive.

    Here at Take The Lead, every Lesson is about your issues, your Problems, and Training Plans are Designed for you and the specific needs of your Dog. Thank you for Visiting us and we hope we can Design a Training Plan to help you and your Dog Build Bonds That Last A Lifetime.


                                                                     Angela Byrd

                                                             Owner of: Take The Lead

                                         Our Services 

Puppy Foundation Lessons:

Lessons are  4 weeks long and Puppy must be at least 3-4 months old and be Current on Shots. Lessons taught in your Home, we cover walking on leash, Focus Training, learning their Name, Not to Jump, and will work on any issues that you may be having with your New Puppy, like House Training, Mouthing, Crate Training and much more... These Lessons are all about FUN and Games to make learning fun for your Puppy...

Basic Obedience Lessons:

Lessons are 6 weeks long and Dog must be at least 6 months old and Current on ALL Shots. Lessons cover all the Basic Commands like come, Sit, Wait, Stay, Leave it, Heel, we will also address any issues you may be having like Barking, Pulling and more. Lessons taught Inhome and some Field trips out.

Basic Agility Lessons:

Lessons are 6 weeks long and all equipment will be provided during lessons, we will introduce you dog to the Weave Poles,  Jump, Pause Box, Tire, Walk it, Teeter, Tunnel and the shoot. Dog must have some Basic Obedience and be Current on All Shots.

Conformation Show Dog Basics:

Lessons are 6 weeks long and will cover, Stacking, Free Stacking, Gating, Stand for Exam, Grooming for the Show, Show Leads, Presentation and much more. Dog must be Registered with either the AKC or UKC and be Current on ALL shots.

Puppy Obedience Lessons

Lessons are 6 weeks long and cover, Introduction to Heel, Sit, Wait, Leave it, Come when called, Socializing with People and other Dogs, Puppy must be Current on shots and be at least 4 months old. these Lessons are all about FUN, FUN, FUN ....

Inhome Training Lessons:

All Lessons are conducted in your home and all equipment is provided, except for your dogs collar and leash. I have a level II Background check for your peace of mind, I will work around your Busy Schedule and find what works best for you. I have Flexible Days and Times for your convince. Additional Fees may apply for travel outside my service area. We serve the St Augustine, Elkton, Hastings and Flagler Estates area. Any Travel over 15 miles will incur additional $25.00 fee.

Puppy Sensory Exploration Lessons

Puppy Sensory Exploration Lessons prepare you puppy for what it will encounter in the world as it grows up, and helps Puppy's to overcome fears and builds trust in you as the owner. The Puppy is conditioned to walk over different surfaces like wood, concrete, tile, and more. we also cover sounds, and touch. these lessons are 4 weeks long.

Behavior Issues

We Cover Behavior Issues that you may be having like, Barking, Separation Anxiety, Guarding of Food  or Toys, Potty Training, and much more. Contact me for more Information.

Leash Training

We Offer 1 hour Leash Training Lessons or you can opt for our 3 Lesson Package. We will teach your dog to Heel and Walk Calmly beside you on walks....